Top 5 Beach Activities in Sámara

Do you need more enticement to book your week-long family vacation in Sámara? Okay, let me give you 5 more reasons to join us in tropical paradise. 

1. Low-Tide Play - low-tide play, sandy, splashy, warm, sandcastle time!

2. High-tide excitement - High-tide at Sámara Beach – High tide is the perfect time to play in the waves with boogie boards or get on a surfboard.

3. Long walks on the beach - Enjoy a stroll along Sámara Beach at low tide.From end to end and back it is a gorgeous 4-mile meander or a great jog that you can follow with a dip in the ocean.

4. Riding the beach - by horse or by bike, you’ll have a beautiful adventure.  You can even ride horses or bikes to neighboring beaches.

5. Learn to Surf - It’s on everyone’s bucket list and Sámara is a perfect place to learn with mellow foamy waves at mid-tide. Grab one of these long boards and you’ll feel like you can walk on water.

- Canuche


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