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Introducing Johannah

  Johannah's own crooked path from Bayfield, WI  to Samara Bay...   If you want to know the whole story, we should prolly sit and have a coffee and contemplate life choices for a minute. I sometimes think something as simple as playing basketball versus joining the ski team, in high school, was a turning point to how I got to Costa Rica. Pretty wild, huh? Anyway... for now I will give you a brief look at how a volunteer trip in 2006 led me to living in Playa Sámara, Costa Rica for the last 10 years --they have been the best 10 years of my life. I first came to Costa Rica on a volunteer program in 2006. The program started with one week studying Spanish at Intercultura Heredia Campus (language immersion and homestay), then two weeks volunteering and two more weeks traveling the country. I came with zero Spanish but quickly felt embraced by the country; its people, its language, culture and more. With that experience I knew I needed Spanish language in my life. When I returned to my

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