Villa Remodels are Complete

The remodels of the original three villas are complete at Villas Espavel in Sámara, Costa Rica. We even have a personal guard, i.e. Cosimo, keeping Villas Espavel safe from errant cows.  

During June we enjoyed a month of quiet beauty without a 6-person construction crew living with us on the site. We settled happily into the tranquility of this beautiful property. I’m grateful to reacquaint myself with the sounds of the property: water flowing on the river rocks, birds chirping and the waves crashing on the beach. With all the changes, it feels like we step into a different world as soon as we leave the street and walk onto the grounds of the new Villas Espavel.  

Check out those safe, easy to use stairs leading to Villa Selva and the awesome two level outdoor hangout space on Villa Rio. What a change! Here are some before and after images:

We are awash in beauty. The improvements to each villa: Rio, Mar and Selva will tickle your travel fancy and make you never want to leave Villas Espavel. 

But now, gulp…it’s time to start the major construction project. Monday our team of 15 construction workers moves onto the property to begin building three new villas, the pool and the tree-top yoga space. We’re preparing for the action of the coming week, when 78 truck-loads of fill material will rumble onto the property and two backhoes will work to smooth the building sites and dig for the pool. For the rest of the rainy season Villas Espavel will be a muddy disaster, but we can see our vision taking shape.

By Mercy 
June 30th  2016


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